Life, For God’s Sake

I had the most amazing breakfast. It wasn’t much but it impressed me. I feel the need to discuss. That humankind should find any meal an interesting subject for discussion amuses me. I know why I am amused. I see the incongruity of bothering to discuss breakfast when we have God or art or politicalContinue reading “Life, For God’s Sake”


Work and my season nowdone, I seek for the powerof deep wine with bread.A light touch of breeze andsun bless my head,hatless, this hourby the sunflowergarden. The tall plants are placed here as‘decor’ meant to lift spiritsbut I sense they are something more.Each one reminds ofan old woman bending,her faded hair of former yellow petal,droopingContinue reading “Sunflowers”

Conversations About God

I schemed thatbirds had conversationson a rooftop edge adjacentto the window casement.My eager heart imagined themset about a Sunday’s reflections,quiet amongst themselves. These beasts are nature’s genteel wings,feathered in the very bestgoin’-to-town-brown,and it seemed, for a moment,in private terms,they shared much more than sing-ingbefore one,then twoand three flew down,resumed attacking worms. What’s real congealsby consensus,Continue reading “Conversations About God”

The Outside Voice of God

I sat some momentsby the great lake, lazy,watching water-craftshrink to meet horizon’s final edge.Careless,I allowed imagination’sidle mind to witnessboats, birds, water, allpouring over some oft-discussedand never-discoveredflat earth fallthat, even when searched for,remains ever further. If I am correct,and Science tells it true,time’s a promontory ledge,beyond which nothing flashes,and from whichis no grand, sweeping view. ForContinue reading “The Outside Voice of God”

The Boy And The Bear

(Boy, Lost in Woods, Says Bear Kept Him Company – CNN) (“I don’t want to cast aspersions on the child but I think (this) little boy had a fantasy. . .” – Chris Servheen, bear researcher at the University of Montana.) (…are you there? Mr. Bear? – Johnson/Blaney) Having livedtwo long years on his planet,andContinue reading “The Boy And The Bear”

A Splendid Day

(It Is Such a Splendid, Sunny Day – Sophie Scholl) The garden is heavy again in bloom,wild beasts busy at their work.This stone blue water planet,the multitude stars,the green things,the creaturesmust ignore dark puffs of destructionto wend the way.What or whom can move arestepping over lifeless thingsbecause those fallen shapesare nothing more than ordinary obstacles.Continue reading “A Splendid Day”

Dead Batteries and Signs From God

Bank robbery,andsimpler larceny,both make the innocent-born-guiltyconscience squirmbutmost of us commit not crime,norease into any wrong actionlocked away timemight cure. Still, I hear we all wereborn in sin,and need a warning sign,lest further untoward events occur.It’s written inthe holy booksI tried to read, back to front. I always take a second look,hoping to understand what IContinue reading “Dead Batteries and Signs From God”

Labour and Work

There isand wasand will always begreat distance betweenthis sideand the other. At the moment of opening,existence is a journeyfrom … to …whereall travelers must move,bound, as by blood-signed contract,under order ofwhich God (and science is a God)or ethic prevails. A star can be a traveler,a seed as wellthoughthe necessary steps,from a place to one further,areContinue reading “Labour and Work”

The Workhouse

It’s pretty human to shirk,to shy awayfrom what looks likework butno matter his conditionor how late the hour,sooner or later, on calloused knees,each exits illusion’s bowerand punches a clock. From first breath indentured,don’t we all,whether slaving for Peter,for Paul,or Joe Blow Commercedown the block,have misted life’s hard laboursole on offer,to answerwhat a wandering dream forbode,andContinue reading “The Workhouse”