A Splendid Day

(It Is Such a Splendid, Sunny Day – Sophie Scholl) The garden is heavy again in bloom,wild beasts busy at their work.This stone blue water planet,the multitude stars,the green things,the creaturesmust ignore dark puffs of destructionto wend the way.What or whom can move arestepping over lifeless thingsbecause those fallen shapesare nothing more than ordinary obstacles.Continue reading “A Splendid Day”

Santa Claus, Jesus and the Fourth of July

Santa Claus appearedwearing nothing, one night.He stumbled to my bedside,whispered, “Don’t turn on the light!”and crawled in.I thought it was aNetflix seriesabout to begin. “Are you cold?” I said,as quick between the covers he slid.His reply? “Hell, no…on the Americans’fourth of July?” Oh, my,either this was mighty interestingor I wasn’t thinking straight,it WAS late. LikeContinue reading “Santa Claus, Jesus and the Fourth of July”

Hello? Hello? Is This Thing On?

I woke to a brown,numbing downrhyme,that might have beenthe song of politicians,impotent,a simpering whineof these and themand yours and mine,and how it’s gotta be cleaned up,made fine,this time. I sat up slow,the promise of progress a lowradio,rumbling in both ears.“If it can’t be done now,then, it will be by next year.There is nothing, nothingbut aContinue reading “Hello? Hello? Is This Thing On?”

Ducks and Rows

“Fine weather, if you’re a duck!”. That’s what I used to hear when the rain came down in buckets (ouch!) full. It is a sarcastic statement but, in a way, true. It was raining yesterday, off and on, in the manner of. I am an interested observer and noted that my neighbours had better fixContinue reading “Ducks and Rows”

Ai yi yi

whupsadaisy, uhoh, yikes. I am back at the ranch for a new round of working the crowd (of exactly none-body) with my antic posts. I tried Facebook a while, looking for a better connection to people but it din’ work out. I keep making silly remarks and otherwise posting thoughts that folks misunderstand. My familyContinue reading “Ai yi yi”

January 5, 2021

This is the day that finally determines an outcome of the U.S. presidential election from November of 2020. The two Senate seats from Georgia will likely be resolved now, at the end of a bitter, bitter, crazy, unthinkable year of theats, insults, and violence strewn across the political and urban American landscape. Wow. I haveContinue reading “January 5, 2021”