Life, For God’s Sake

I had the most amazing breakfast. It wasn’t much but it impressed me. I feel the need to discuss. That humankind should find any meal an interesting subject for discussion amuses me. I know why I am amused. I see the incongruity of bothering to discuss breakfast when we have God or art or politicalContinue reading “Life, For God’s Sake”

Conversations About God

I schemed thatbirds had conversationson a rooftop edge adjacentto the window casement.My eager heart imagined themset about a Sunday’s reflections,quiet amongst themselves. These beasts are nature’s genteel wings,feathered in the very bestgoin’-to-town-brown,and it seemed, for a moment,in private terms,they shared much more than sing-ingbefore one,then twoand three flew down,resumed attacking worms. What’s real congealsby consensus,Continue reading “Conversations About God”

Feeling Grumpy

Anger spunin spokes so thin,warning dewdropsdid not glisten. I’m captured prey,muted heartbeat.The gasp of delight,I might have feltat colour or birds or day,is choked in rip-proof silk. Held as a hunter’s prizebut poisoned,emptied,already dried,I wait for the spider’s surpriseand pityan eight-legged, rumbling beastwho findssuch a miserable feast.

Ducks and Rows

“Fine weather, if you’re a duck!”. That’s what I used to hear when the rain came down in buckets (ouch!) full. It is a sarcastic statement but, in a way, true. It was raining yesterday, off and on, in the manner of. I am an interested observer and noted that my neighbours had better fixContinue reading “Ducks and Rows”

An Emperor’s New Clothes

Passion glows,witnessed through back-lit windows.It’s nothing more again than darknessand certain death called progress.Where is what was promised thee? This looking-glass, called ‘Galaxy’,has empty pixels, tamed,unlike the place, for which it’s named,that’s balanced, occupied by everything,mass and time and nothing. Stripped to bare,a changeling preens and we are unaware.At first sight bright, much ballyhooedby shoppingContinue reading “An Emperor’s New Clothes”

Ai yi yi

whupsadaisy, uhoh, yikes. I am back at the ranch for a new round of working the crowd (of exactly none-body) with my antic posts. I tried Facebook a while, looking for a better connection to people but it din’ work out. I keep making silly remarks and otherwise posting thoughts that folks misunderstand. My familyContinue reading “Ai yi yi”

January 5, 2021

This is the day that finally determines an outcome of the U.S. presidential election from November of 2020. The two Senate seats from Georgia will likely be resolved now, at the end of a bitter, bitter, crazy, unthinkable year of theats, insults, and violence strewn across the political and urban American landscape. Wow. I haveContinue reading “January 5, 2021”