Ducks and Rows

“Fine weather, if you’re a duck!”. That’s what I used to hear when the rain came down in buckets (ouch!) full. It is a sarcastic statement but, in a way, true. It was raining yesterday, off and on, in the manner of. I am an interested observer and noted that my neighbours had better fixContinue reading “Ducks and Rows”

Labour and Work

There isand wasand will always begreat distance betweenthis sideand the other. At the moment of opening,existence is a journeyfrom … to …whereall travelers must move,bound, as by blood-signed contract,under order ofwhich God (and science is a God)or ethic prevails. A star can be a traveler,a seed as wellthoughthe necessary steps,from a place to one further,areContinue reading “Labour and Work”

The Workhouse

It’s pretty human to shirk,to shy awayfrom what looks likework butno matter his conditionor how late the hour,sooner or later, on calloused knees,each exits illusion’s bowerand punches a clock. From first breath indentured,don’t we all,whether slaving for Peter,for Paul,or Joe Blow Commercedown the block,have misted life’s hard laboursole on offer,to answerwhat a wandering dream forbode,andContinue reading “The Workhouse”

Piano Lesson

Tiny vibrations crowdthe roof’s peak,slide downand splash across new-leafed trees,midpoint of the half season. In the beholder’s eye,colour is rich yet,a wet thing whoselayers are exposed,shady green under excited yellowunder washed out, delicate blue. A human, passive witness andamateur scientist,imaginary note pad in hand,tries to understand this,perhaps as sheaves ofimpossible music,wondering,“Who authored bliss?” God justContinue reading “Piano Lesson”

Birds and Stars

Sometimes, still,I sing to hear the soundand wonder ifour dusty-brownbirds do this, too.Though worksong’s ofutmost import every day,I’m sure birds alsoplay. I’m certain theymight call each othersilly names at times,sole to hear anecho backas summer’s sunclimbs. Further, yet, my theory is:life keeps an hour divineto step asideand game at love. The proof of this glowshighContinue reading “Birds and Stars”

Conversations About God

Earlier,the birds had conversationson the rooftop edge adjacentto our window casement.My simple heart imagined them Christians,setting about their Sunday reflectionsnotcomplex nature’s gentle wings,whom,feathered in a colour of complacence,dusty brown,communicate in private terms. …then oneand twoand three flew down,resumed their search for worms. A day’s carefree dreams fly away,as my talking Christian birds did do,when splashedContinue reading “Conversations About God”

Act Three

You are still,almost part of the chair,before a drawn curtainand wondering, “Is there not an act three?”while those around are standing,offering applause,putting on coats,gathering purses,hats,scarves,excitedly chattering aboutwhat a great show it was. Over time, the theatre clearsof friends and neighbours,dear ones,lovers, dreams,but you remain,for what must be an eternity,pondering. Have you notunderstood the joke?or learnedContinue reading “Act Three”

Me, Pussycat, God

If I were the Pussycatand Hewereme, I wonder exactlyhow thatwouldbe. I might sit,contented,my own simple businessto mind and,suddenly,find my whole self lifted in air,to be cheek by jowland ear pressed to ear. I’d struggle,push, lean,and rathernot be there but I’d have nothing to fear. All powerful,the Pussycat’dhave no reason to be mean, I’d feel lovedandContinue reading “Me, Pussycat, God”

Fred Sits Down

Fred feels thoughtful – says to the waiter,“I’m but a short while here. Your warmth and sun againstmy precious wind and bitterdo battle,deconstructing as they’re able,the space I live within,where I clutch at old things, familiar and dear. You offer me slowed moments,an island vacation,a time to set aside the immediateof past and future busyness,aContinue reading “Fred Sits Down”