Life, For God’s Sake

I had the most amazing breakfast. It wasn’t much but it impressed me. I feel the need to discuss. That humankind should find any meal an interesting subject for discussion amuses me. I know why I am amused. I see the incongruity of bothering to discuss breakfast when we have God or art or politicalContinue reading “Life, For God’s Sake”

The Boy And The Bear

(Boy, Lost in Woods, Says Bear Kept Him Company – CNN) (“I don’t want to cast aspersions on the child but I think (this) little boy had a fantasy. . .” – Chris Servheen, bear researcher at the University of Montana.) (…are you there? Mr. Bear? – Johnson/Blaney) Having livedtwo long years on his planet,andContinue reading “The Boy And The Bear”

Ducks and Rows

“Fine weather, if you’re a duck!”. That’s what I used to hear when the rain came down in buckets (ouch!) full. It is a sarcastic statement but, in a way, true. It was raining yesterday, off and on, in the manner of. I am an interested observer and noted that my neighbours had better fixContinue reading “Ducks and Rows”

Piano Lesson

Tiny vibrations crowdthe roof’s peak,slide downand splash across new-leafed trees,midpoint of the half season. In the beholder’s eye,colour is rich yet,a wet thing whoselayers are exposed,shady green under excited yellowunder washed out, delicate blue. A human, passive witness andamateur scientist,imaginary note pad in hand,tries to understand this,perhaps as sheaves ofimpossible music,wondering,“Who authored bliss?” God justContinue reading “Piano Lesson”

A Photograph of St. Aubin Street, July Twelfth, Nine-thirty P.M.

Everything the camera can see, it doesn’t showabout this ordinary street that wasn’t quieta couple hours ago.In foreground, one door hangs from a last hinge,another sprawls on the front porch floor,echoing that hearts were singedeither by love’s impromptu riotor shattered in methodical warover that smashed-to-bits radio. On the lawn’s barren husk,up against commerce’s concrete wall,withContinue reading “A Photograph of St. Aubin Street, July Twelfth, Nine-thirty P.M.”