Santa Claus, Jesus and the Fourth of July

Santa Claus appearedwearing nothing, one night.He stumbled to my bedside,whispered, “Don’t turn on the light!”and crawled in.I thought it was aNetflix seriesabout to begin. “Are you cold?” I said,as quick between the covers he slid.His reply? “Hell, no…on the Americans’fourth of July?” Oh, my,either this was mighty interestingor I wasn’t thinking straight,it WAS late. LikeContinue reading “Santa Claus, Jesus and the Fourth of July”

January 5, 2021

This is the day that finally determines an outcome of the U.S. presidential election from November of 2020. The two Senate seats from Georgia will likely be resolved now, at the end of a bitter, bitter, crazy, unthinkable year of theats, insults, and violence strewn across the political and urban American landscape. Wow. I haveContinue reading “January 5, 2021”