Flagrant summer strips offand the hidden places are shown,collected bunches of warm things,dry twigs, torn fur, used feathers anda plastic bag or two,floated from the nearby grocery. Beast and bird, by nature knowing how,built their nests secret, high,out of sight,safe against dark times, yet no matter how innate construction skill,all hopeful gathered homes aremake-shift, temporary,notContinue reading “Revelations”

The Finch

I saw one Finch dressed sweet grey,belly puffed white,face of crisp dark charcoal,today. The wholeof some minutes,I watched the birdclutch a nervous branchof nature’s nondescript tree,ten feet from me. I did not know the birdas an individual,its self and shadow newto me,but the imageof all fast beating heartsand warm plumagesoftened any brutalsuffering.For a paused moment,IContinue reading “The Finch”

Netflix and Squirrels

Reflections on a Netflix documentary about David Geffen Such brilliant sun as today’s casts a shadow of one telephone pole onto and across the rooftop next door. It is a cameo of telephone pole, street light and connecting wires projected on the roof. Where pole-shadow intersects the boundary created by roof-peak, I see a squirrel.Continue reading “Netflix and Squirrels”

Pussy Cats, Candy Crush and Angry Birds

Have you noticed, I have, that politics are poison? A poison made more deadly by the delivery device? Yeah? Why? I think I know why and I think I know a lot of other illusory stuff, too. I am pretty smart. I am smart like a TV or a phone. Today, everyone has an opinionContinue reading “Pussy Cats, Candy Crush and Angry Birds”

Life, For God’s Sake

I had the most amazing breakfast. It wasn’t much but it impressed me. I feel the need to discuss. That humankind should find any meal an interesting subject for discussion amuses me. I know why I am amused. I see the incongruity of bothering to discuss breakfast when we have God or art or politicalContinue reading “Life, For God’s Sake”