The Outside Voice of God

I sat some moments
by the great lake, lazy,
watching water-craft
shrink to meet horizon’s final edge.
I allowed imagination’s
idle mind to witness
boats, birds, water, all
pouring over some oft-discussed
and never-discovered
flat earth fall
that, even when searched for,
remains ever further.

If I am correct,
and Science tells it true,
time’s a promontory ledge,
beyond which nothing flashes,
and from which
is no grand, sweeping view.

For one instant, today,
I occupied small space on a vast beach,
observing, considering the far-off place
hours, days and minutes will never reach
while above,
our nearby star’s gaze
vibrated all elements of sky into
an indescribable cloudless blue.
My shoulders, my arms
warmed to that same rhythm
and thoughts spread out,
tinsel on restless waves.


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