A Splendid Day

(It Is Such a Splendid, Sunny Day – Sophie Scholl)

The garden is heavy again in bloom,
wild beasts busy at their work.
This stone blue water planet,
the multitude stars,
the green things,
the creatures
must ignore dark puffs of destruction
to wend the way.
What or whom can move are
stepping over lifeless things
because those fallen shapes
are nothing more than ordinary obstacles.

All that dies for principle,
All that lives long enough,
Time thumps in as a marching band
of deadly olive drab machines,
sings of victory,
recruits the willing,
smashes them and everything else
before it rumbles out.

Fear? is an elixir potent
enough to paralyze,
don’t taste of it!
Plant your row,
bend toward the sun,
drink your fill.
All days are splendid.

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