Labour and Work

There is
and was
and will always be
great distance between
this side
and the other.

At the moment of opening,
existence is a journey
from … to …
all travelers must move,
bound, as by blood-signed contract,
under order of
which God (and science is a God)
or ethic prevails.

A star can be a traveler,
a seed as well
the necessary steps,
from a place to one further,
are not made easier by high speed,
bright light,
smooth pavement,
gentle winds,
enough heat,
spring rain,
autumn colour,
spun-candy wishes
or dreams.

To each,
is offered enough work
or labour for his or her moment.

It is Labour which fills the heart,
makes of time
a fine memory.
dulls the palate,
is a dead thing
choked upon
these two are one the same,
made by the traveler
into sweetness
or pain.

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